June 21 2012

Read Blackbirds!

Followers of Wendig’s terribleminds blog have had, if not a front row seat to the creative process, at the very least an advanced screening of the “making of” documentary for this novel. The final product proves that all the work is worth itBlackbirds is incredibly cinematic in its prose and frequently, uncomfortably intimate in the way it lays its main character bare. No reader could possibly want to be Miriam or possess her terrible ability [to know the time and circumstances of others’ deaths], but she’s the most winning antihero I’ve read in a long time. If you’re not a fan of violence and blood in your books, steer clear. If you can stomach the action, however, you’re in for one hell of an entertaining [and sometimes profound] read.

Can’t wait for its sequel, Mockingbird, in September.

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