May 10 2012

Picking Up Strangers

My father-in-law, Bob Morgan, has made the decision to go the Kindle route with his books. His first offering, Picking Up Strangers, is out this week:

It seems like a fantasy come true for Camp Preston when beautiful, sexy Clara Scott decides to escape the boredom of her small-town Nebraska life and join him on his bicycle ride across America. But Clara brings more to the ride than Camp suspects: Darren Sykes, an ex-lover who’ll kill to keep her, and a dark secret that Clara will kill to keep hidden.

Enter the world of bicycle touring, where serendipity has more sway than plans, and each day offers new roads and new adventures.

Picking up Strangers is available on the Amazon Kindle for $2.99, or for free in the Kindle lending library for Amazon Prime members.

Check it out!

This book plug has been brought to you by — Nepotism! (Get over it.)

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