May 12 2014

Holy $#i+! This Could Be Good!

I am excited about this perhaps more than I should be. Matt Ryan certainly looks the part, even without a lit Silk Cut hanging out of his mouth. Hellblazer was one of my favorite comics in the 90s, consistently well written. I have stalwartly refused to see the Keanu Reeves Constantine simply because it seemed such a betrayal of the basic character (so I can’t and won’t comment on the quality of the movie — other than to say Keanu was bad casting). I am now offering up a silent “pleasepleaseplease” to the universe.

OTOH, I could use another TV obsession like another kidney stone, so I might not complain too harshly if it sucks.

May 8 2014

Thursday Night Writer’s Soundtrack

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Peter for 20+ years. He gets better and better with each year that passes.

May 7 2014


So, I try to maintain a practice of only writing one book at a time. I’m nearing the end of the current project, which of course means the next one has begun jumping up and down in my head, demanding attention. I lay awake for a good chunk of last night as the first chapter played out on the movie screen in my head. This was my experience with the current project, too — it was screaming for attention as I wrapped up the one I’m currently querying. Now, I’m starting to question that practice. Do I give in? Write the chapter for the new thing while it’s still fresh? Or tell it to calm the fuck down while I finish the task at hand?