May 16 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness — spoiler free review

A great cast was handed not so much a script as a dump that Kurtzman, Orci, and Lindelof took all over everything good about Star Trek. A terrible movie was then made. Lazy, anger-inducing writing. Frequent slaps in the face to fans of the classic series. I left the theater angry. Save your money.

May 16 2013

Closer. Closer.

HarperVoyager has given another update on the results of their digital submissions period this past October. Still haven’t been rejected yet!

May 13 2013

from the “Department of Lessons Learned”

1) Chuck Wendig has provided me with my mantra during this current project: “Writing is when we make the words. Editing is when we make the words not shitty.” This, I find, must be repeated frequently.

2) My inner critic is a big ol’ sonofabitch. (see 1 above)

3) A quiet space is only truly quiet if the AC unit on the roof over you head isn’t rattling the whole office. My head now feels like it’s been jackhammered.

May 8 2013

The Big Push

I’m now on a four month sabbatical from my Clark Kent duties, so I’m cranking away at the new project. It’s a little bit steampunk and a little bit fantasy, and it has the working title The Hole in the Coal-Black Sky. It’s about to hit the 20,000 word mark. My goal is to have a first draft finished by the end of August.

Bit by bit. Day by day.