November 27 2011

Go See Hugo

I normally get really nervous about film adaptations of books. Hugo delivers. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I was literally speechless for a half hour after it ended. Go and see!

November 21 2011

Wide World of Novel Writing

Nine years ago, I sat down in front of my ancient WordPerfect program and, over the span of about a month, plunked out a television script. I know nothing about television production. I just knew I had images and a story in my head that needed to come out onto paper. I don’t know why I thought a script was the format to do that in at the time, other than the fact that I’d just finished a marathon viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and thought, “Well, shit! I could do that!”

Deluded? Quite possibly, yes.

Needless to say, it went nowhere, except into the hands of a few friends who read it and enjoyed the story.

Three years ago, I pulled the old script up and started monkeying with the story again, this time in novel format. Within about three months, I’d written half a book. It took another year to get to the end. Then there was feedback from an audience of one, then a second draft. Gracious volunteers formed a “B Team” to read and give feedback.

And then I put it down for a year. I was tired of the story, tired of writing, and I needed a break.

This month marks the beginning of what I hope will be the final draft before I start shopping the manuscript around. I’m hoping I still like it. I hope I can perform the necessary surgery to the text without too much wailing and gnashing of teeth. What you’ll read here is a log of the process, eventually becoming (I hope!) marketing for the book.