May 16 2013

Closer. Closer.

HarperVoyager has given another update on the results of their digital submissions period this past October. Still haven’t been rejected yet!

May 13 2013

from the “Department of Lessons Learned”

1) Chuck Wendig has provided me with my mantra during this current project: “Writing is when we make the words. Editing is when we make the words not shitty.” This, I find, must be repeated frequently.

2) My inner critic is a big ol’ sonofabitch. (see 1 above)

3) A quiet space is only truly quiet if the AC unit on the roof over you head isn’t rattling the whole office. My head now feels like it’s been jackhammered.

May 8 2013

The Big Push

I’m now on a four month sabbatical from my Clark Kent duties, so I’m cranking away at the new project. It’s a little bit steampunk and a little bit fantasy, and it has the working title The Hole in the Coal-Black Sky. It’s about to hit the 20,000 word mark. My goal is to have a first draft finished by the end of August.

Bit by bit. Day by day.

April 10 2013

Is NOOK Press a Bad Deal?

Holly Lisle is fuming over the new sales agreement that comes along with the switch from PubIt! to NOOK Press over at Barnes & Noble. I don’t like the looks of royalty terms that can change without further agreement (terms that were already not as good as my Amazon Kindle royalties).

My alter ego’s non-fiction book hasn’t sold a copy in well over a year, so given this switch and the sketchy terms, I decided it was a good time to pull it from B&N’s ebook store.

February 7 2013

I Should Know Better Than to Get My Hopes Up, But . . .

. . . HarperVoyager says they’ve sent out rejection notices to half of the digital submissions they received during their open call.

I did not get one.

So, I will therefore assume that someone in the Harper offices is still considering my manuscript.


January 28 2013

Almost, Argo. Almost.

Finally managed to sneak a date night with my wife into the hellacious firestorm that is my schedule. We’d missed Argo when it first came around, so I was happy to see it back at one of the hipper theaters in the area.

In summary: Flawed, but overall enjoyable — and not a waste of theater admission. I’m glad I didn’t wait for Netflix.

First thought: This Affleck kid’s gonna make a name for himself, someday.

Second thought: Have the screenwriter flogged in the square and then confiscate his writing utensils for a month. Continue reading

January 8 2013

Brain . . . Bleeding. Must. Look. Away.

I should not have followed the link to this Tumblr.

Oh, blessed Mistress Schadenfreude, thanks to Thee I shall achieve nothing else for the rest of the day.

January 7 2013

Meanwhile, On My Desk . . .

While the “hunt for agent” dance continues, we return to our regularly scheduled writing regimen in the new year.

At the moment, my writing desk holds two volumes of theatre history and the Penguin Classics edition of The Oresteia. Obviously, this means I’m working on a follow-up to Seraph.


December 5 2012

This Pretty Much Sums Up the Dark Knight Rises Review I Didn’t Get Around to Writing

October 17 2012

The Last Few Weeks

Made some minor revisions to the manuscript for clarity’s sake (after copious notes from my wife – Thank you, my love! ) and then shipped it off to Harper Voyager during their brief open submissions period earlier this month. The fun part there was coming up with a 1500 character (not word — character!!) synopsis.

To date, I’ve queried 13 agents and received 9 form rejections. I’ve completed six chapters of the new book.

And, because all of this plus my Clark Kent duties don’t take up enough of my schedule, I started rehearsing Frost/Nixon at the local community theatre. Sleep is for the weak.

Another round of queries this week.

Boo yah!