August 2 2012


When Ray Walsh dreams about the missing and endangered, he’s guaranteed to find them. Over the years he’s found dozens of people, dead or alive; but there’s one missing person he has never been able to find, and that’s because when Ray Walsh dreams about himself, all he ever dreams about is falling.

Ten years ago, Ray was just another nameless, faceless member of the city’s army of the homeless and forgotten, with no name, no ID, and no memory of who he was or where he came from. He has managed to rebuild something that resembles a normal life with the help of clever friends and his unique talent. Ray is perfectly happy as he is, and his past can remain a mystery as far as he’s concerned. He’d be the world champion of avoiding the truth of his life, if only he could stop dreaming about falling and then waking up in alleys, naked.

Ethan Trammler, runaway rich boy, wants Ray to rescue his sister from inside the gleaming walls of New Light Ministries. It’s the one place in the city that terrifies Ray to the core of his soul, and not without reason. To the public, New Light is the city’s greatest good samaritan; behind heavily guarded doors they’re the remnant of an ancient secret society, desperately trying to reclaim their most prized possession – the archangel Tzadkiel, a seraph of tremendous power. New Light has hunted the seraph for centuries, and now Ethan Trammler has sent him walking right through their front door.

Now, Ray’s dreams are growing more vivid and intense, with scenes from a life that can’t possibly be his; and if that weren’t bad enough, the kingpin of the city’s underworld has started to take an unwelcome interest in his well being.

The truth will always find a way to break free, and the truth of Ray Walsh’s life is about to burst forth with a vengeance.


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