May 10 2012

Picking Up Strangers

My father-in-law, Bob Morgan, has made the decision to go the Kindle route with his books. His first offering, Picking Up Strangers, is out this week:

It seems like a fantasy come true for Camp Preston when beautiful, sexy Clara Scott decides to escape the boredom of her small-town Nebraska life and join him on his bicycle ride across America. But Clara brings more to the ride than Camp suspects: Darren Sykes, an ex-lover who’ll kill to keep her, and a dark secret that Clara will kill to keep hidden.

Enter the world of bicycle touring, where serendipity has more sway than plans, and each day offers new roads and new adventures.

Picking up Strangers is available on the Amazon Kindle for $2.99, or for free in the Kindle lending library for Amazon Prime members.

Check it out!

This book plug has been brought to you by — Nepotism! (Get over it.)

November 21 2011

Wide World of Novel Writing

Nine years ago, I sat down in front of my ancient WordPerfect program and, over the span of about a month, plunked out a television script. I know nothing about television production. I just knew I had images and a story in my head that needed to come out onto paper. I don’t know why I thought a script was the format to do that in at the time, other than the fact that I’d just finished a marathon viewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and thought, “Well, shit! I could do that!”

Deluded? Quite possibly, yes.

Needless to say, it went nowhere, except into the hands of a few friends who read it and enjoyed the story.

Three years ago, I pulled the old script up and started monkeying with the story again, this time in novel format. Within about three months, I’d written half a book. It took another year to get to the end. Then there was feedback from an audience of one, then a second draft. Gracious volunteers formed a “B Team” to read and give feedback.

And then I put it down for a year. I was tired of the story, tired of writing, and I needed a break.

This month marks the beginning of what I hope will be the final draft before I start shopping the manuscript around. I’m hoping I still like it. I hope I can perform the necessary surgery to the text without too much wailing and gnashing of teeth. What you’ll read here is a log of the process, eventually becoming (I hope!) marketing for the book.