The Seraph Is Coming

If you’re lost or in trouble, he’ll find you in his dreams. In the wasteland of the city’s castoffs known as the Missions, there’s no one better at playing the white knight.

Who is he? He couldn’t tell you if he wanted to. Today his name is Raymond Walsh. It says so on his driver’s license.

Ten years ago he was another nameless, faceless member of the Mission’s invisible legion of derelicts. He’s rebuilt something like a normal life with the use of his peculiar talent and the help of friends. Over the years, he’s found dozens of lost souls, but there’s one that still evades him –  because when Ray Walsh dreams about himself, all he ever sees is an endless fall through a void and the image of blue-hooded man with a cruel, cruel smile.

Ray is perfectly content not knowing the truth. He’s happy just going about his everyday business – helping the police hunt down a killer with a taste for young runaways, or avoiding the unnerving attentions of an underworld kingpin.

The universe has other plans.

Ethan Trammler wants Ray to rescue his sister from New Light Ministries. Ray is terrified of stepping inside their walls – and not, it seems, without reason. In public, New Light is the city’s good Samaritan; behind heavily guarded doors they’re the remnant of an ancient doomsday cult, desperate to reclaim their most prized possession – the archangel Tzadkiel. New Light has hunted him for centuries, and Ethan has sent him walking right through their front door.

Now, Ray is waking up naked in alleys. His dreams are filled with dire images from a life that can’t possibly be his.

And then there’s the unearthly green fire engulfing his arms.

The truth will out, and the truth of Ray’s life is about to burst out screaming from its cage!

Paperback and Ebook Coming Soon!